New graph explorer available!

How to use
The interface is simple to use. At first you see a zoomed-out view of the graph you have clicked on. You can zoom in/out by rolling the mouse wheel up/down, and you can pan by clicking and dragging with either the left or the right mouse button.
On the lower left-hand side there is

  • a zoom handle you can use to zoom in and out of the graph,
  • a lens that you can use to magnify a round area you need to focus (temporarily zoom in) on,
  • the option to display the connections between the different nodes.

Whenever you click on a node, you switch to the so-called Egocentric mode, where you can see the connections between the chosen node and its collaborators. If you need to get out of this mode, just double click somewhere on the empty space.
When you click on a node, you also get a side panel with extra information in it. You can make it go away or reappear any time, by click on the chevrons on the upper left corner of the window
The side panel contains information about each node. Specifically, it displays the number of  ”solo” publications each node has produced, as well as the co-publications with other nodes. Clicking on one of the other nodes takes you to *this* node’s collaborations with others.