New graph interface!

We are proud to finally announce the release of our new graph interface. This new interface comes with a lot of added features, most notably the ability to click on the edges, and navigating the timeline. Most of our maps are up and running, but we are currently missing Ion Implanters and E-beam Lithography. These will be made available during next week. Also note that we currently do not have a complete set of maps (both patents and publications) for all technologies.


New functionality

When you select a node in the graph, you can click on one of its edges, and get a list of the co-patents and/or co-publications that make up the edge. As you hover over the items in this list, the respective collaboration will be highlighted in the graph. With the new timeline slider, you can navigate over the years between the oldest and the newest patent or publication, and see how the technology landscape evolves over time.


What's next?

We are working on making the navigation more intuitive, especially with respect to the layout of the left side-pane. We plan to make the lists sortable and searchable, the latter being functionality that fell out since the previous version.

We are also working on incorporating a dashboard in the graph interface. This dashboard will allow the user to switch between different viewpoints, such as modularity, publication impact and patent portfoli maturity. These viewpoints will be further explained when they are ready. The user will also be able to set constraints for the graph, i.e. showing only the key players in the technology.